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The event

5th August 2006, Kirkbean

All the Keans spent the week prior to this date in the House on the Shore, Kirkbean, Dumfriesshire, (a gathering in honour of Mary's 80th birthday), and invited us to use the house as the base for a Muddy Boots gathering.

Who was there?

From the Nicholsons: Peter, Morag and all the family (incl Honey), with Philippa hitching a lift
From the Inglis: Alistair (and Max and Archie), Morag, and all the Melrose Inglis (and Pip)
From the Keans: Everyone including the Dicks (and Baxter)
I make that 28 people and 5 dogs

Many thanks to the Keans for inviting us to share in the House on the Shore on Saturday. Since our location was not exactly central, it was very welcoming to have coffee on the terrace on arrival and see the delights of the house. Most people however were willing to tear themselves away from the house to tackle Criffell, and in spite of the misty conditions it was well worth it in the end. We got some very muddy boots, and cut it a bit fine for getting to our tea in Dumfries, since we all got caught in the traffic from the Dumfries Show.

The Station Hotel did us proud, with a room to ourselves, and not a hint of being chucked out to make way for dinner guests. It's almost a shame we're unlikely to meet here again! Also many thanks once again to the man who has a habit of paying for our tea.

The pictures

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Criffell Hill
Picnic time at last Honey seeking her share Grace and Ella's Picnic Lunch in the heather
Picnic time at lastHoney seeking her shareGrace and Ella's picnicLunch in the heather
Kirsty in front The lads: Rogan, Neil, Jamie and Angus Made it... ...and the clouds broke after all
Kirsty in frontThe lads: Rogan, Neil, Jamie and AngusMade it.....and the clouds broke after all