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The event

11th August 2007, Loch Brandy, Glen Clova, Angus

Thanks very much to everyone who came to Glen Clova for being up for a wet walk. The welcoming Clova hotel made it easy by being the sort of place that offered an all day retreat, and by allowing dogs in the walkers bar. The hotel may even have claimed top spot for the best high tea, after giving the leftover cakes away in doggy bags, which were snapped up by the junior members! The Loch Brandy walk was not an option owing to the weather, so we walked by the river in Glen Doll, which was still dramatic even in the mist. See the photos from Pete below, and I will add mine as soon I can.

Who was there?

Phil and Phil (and Scamp)
Mary Kean
Alice Small
Alistair, Morag, Elspeth and Ronald Inglis (with Max and Archie)
The Frogston Nicholsons minus Morag and Mairi, plus Caitlin (don't forget Honey)
That makes 13 people and 4 dogs

The pictures

(click to see full-size image)
Our turning point in Glen Doll (thanks to Pete for the photos)
Everyone at the bridge Heavy weather in Glen Doll Veron, Caitlin, Chris, Rachel and Honey Heading back down the glen
Everyone at the bridgeHeavy weather in Glen DollVeron, Caitlin, Chris, Rachel and HoneyHeading back down the glen

Phil's photos finally arrive, better late than never
Lots of wet people at the bridge Tea at Clova, Morag and Alice Phil, Elspeth and Pete Phil, Chris and Caitlin
Lots of wet people at the bridge Tea at the Clova: Morag and Alice Phil, Caitlin, Pete and ElspethPhil, Chris and Caitlin