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18th February 2006, Pitlochry

The first Muddy Boots gathering took place on a mostly bright day, with a few showers of snow or rain, depending how far up Ben Vrackie you were at the time.

16 people and 4 dogs from the Keans, Inglis, Nicholsons and Holdsworths met for a leg-stretch on Ben Vrackie, followed by high tea at the Moulin Hotel.

...and yes, our boots got very muddy!


Your contributions


This page is for your photographs and thoughts on the Pitlochry gathering. Please email me with anything you would like to contribute.


Your pictures

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Whole group Ben VrackieThe summit group..and Honey made it tooVeron in a blizzard
whole group Ben Vrackiesummit group 1 summit group with honey Veronica at summit
Chris, Veron and NeilKids' high tea2 Alistairs, Chris, Ronald, Mairi and PhilMorag, Morag and Alexander
Chris, Veron and NeilKids' high tea Uncle Al and group 2 Morags and Alexander
Nearly everyone at the bench - guess who's missing!They're still off rolling in the heatherThe Summit MenLooks inviting?!
Nearly everyone at the bench - guess who's missing!They're still off rolling in the heather... The Summit Men Looks inviting?!
Summit group with Pip...
Summit group with Pip. . .
Philippa: Thank you to everyone (including those who couldn't come) for your enthusiastic response to this idea. I really enjoyed the day, and I think my flowers are gorgeous, thank you.
Lessons learned: Next time let's look for somewhere with more car parking space, and with toilets easily available nearby. This will make it much easier for everyone to meet up initially.
Peter: Everyone has really enjoyed it, and "the snow was a bonus" according to Veron and Chris! Agree with your comments about facilities next time - also should if possible offer a walk where those who don't want a summit can come part of the way and still feel they've achieved something.
Morag I:I have been meaning to e-mail you to say thank you for organising the Muddy Boots outing and how much I enjoyed both the walk and seeing everyone. I have seen the photos and web page which are excellent.
Alistair K: Thanks for organising such a good day out, I thought it was excellent and Naomi and Neil are looking forward to the next one. I think they were amazed to find that there are so many second cousins. We'll get the Callander map out and have a look. There's some very good fishing in the River Teith!
Al et al.
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