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The event

16th February 2013, Roslin Glen, Midlothian

A chance to explore Roslin Glen Country Park, with its natural and historical interest.

roslin glen

This event was our best attended ever, so thanks for a great turnout for the walk and even greater for tea. However it was also a case of the best-laid plans going agley, since we showed up to find a well-weathered sign telling us the path was closed, even though Midlothian Ranger Service are still promoting it online and in the local libraries.

Since the sign didn't seem to put many other people off, we joined in and tackled one of the craziest walks yet. No one was complaining about a lack of mud, and there were a few landslips and fallen trees to tackle for added interest.

The Original Hotel did us proud for tea, and it was great to have almost all the cousins, aunts and uncles there.

Who was there?

Philippa, Phil, and our new canine family, Max and Hugo.

Peter and Rachel (Morag and Veronica joining us for tea).

Alistair, Elsepth, Morag, Ronald (and Max and Archie)

Marion, John, Rachel and Adam (and Freddie)

Alexander, Harriet, Grace and Ella

Mike, Joy, Joseph and Theo

Alistair and Zoe

James, Kim, Katie and Alasdair

Alison, Mary, Margaret and Frank for tea.

The pictures

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Roslin Glen: woodland, river gorge, atmospheric castle, all the ingredients!
Glaur Uphill mud for added interest Striding in Hugo and Freddie, 2 of a kind
Adventure playground The siblings Lots of cousins