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The event

6th May 2006, Callander

The second Muddy Boots gathering saw 27 family members meeting up in Callander. We met up with a lot less hassle than last time: big car parks with toilets make a good meeting point for such a crowd.

We walked to Bracklinn Falls then Callander Crags. Owing to an independent-minded canine, some people took alternative routes to the Falls, some of which got a bit complicated. We reckon Alexander must get the prize for the most convoluted route to the falls, with John coming a close second (well Alexander did find Wooster after all).

We were very lucky with the weather, considering the forecast, and there were a large gathering of pink noses at tea back at the Dreadnought.

Many thanks to Elspeth and Morag Inglis for suggesting Callander and doing the research.

I'm sure someone from the crowd who came must have some digital photos for this page, so feel free to email them to me and I will make a gallery as on the Pitlochry page.

From the Nicholsons: Peter, Morag and the 3 girls (and Honey), and Mike, Joy, Joseph and Theo
From the Inglis: Alistair (and Max and Archie), Elspeth, Morag, Ronald, all the Melrose Inglis (and Pip) and all the Cargills (and Wooster)
From the Keans: Alistair and Neil
Alice Small
Philippa, Phil (and Scamp) Holdsworth
I make that 27 and 6 dogs

The pictures

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Picnic at Bracklinn Falls
Picnic at Bracklinn Falls 1 Picnic at Bracklinn Falls 2 Picnic at Bracklinn Falls 3 Picnic at Bracklinn Falls 4
Bracklinn Falls
Picnic at Bracklinn Falls 5 Bracklinn Falls 1 Bracklinn Falls 2 Picnic at Bracklinn Falls 4
Callander Crags and Queen Victoria's Jubilee monument
Callander Crags 1 Callander Crags 2 Callander Crags 4 Callander Crags 7
Rogan makes the topHarriet and Pip
Callander Crags 8 Callander Crags 9
High tea at the Dreadnaught
Phil, Veron, Morag and AlistairNeil, Alice, RoganRachel, Rachel, Ella and GraceBriefing for next time!
High tea 1 High tea 2 High tea 3 High tea 4
The walks

All these walks can be found on OS sheet 57

The Railway

Bracklinn Falls

Callander Craig

Glenfinglas Dam walk

Ben Aan