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The event

11th November 2006, Flotterstone, Pentlands

Many thanks to the Frogston Nicholsons for arranging everything for this Muddy Boots event. We got lots of positive comments about the location, and it's just a shame the weather wasn't kinder. It was very bright and clear, but the wind was too cold for the youngest, and further up the hill it was too strong for everyone!

However we all got a walk, and retreated to Frogston to sneak in an extra cup of tea before going to Roslin. Some managed a high speed tour of Rosslyn Chapel before we indulged in the comforts of the Original Hotel, which was duly voted best Muddy Boots High Tea so far. Once again Alistair stood us our tea, which was much appreciated even though I wasn't allowed to mention it in the vote of thanks!

There was some discussion about a Muddy Boots recommendation to be available for restaurants and hotels. Could our logo become a sought after sign to have next to your tourist board stars?

Who was there?: From the Nicholsons: everyone from Frogston, plus Philippa (plus Margaret, Frank, Mike, Joy and the boys for tea)
From the Inglis: Alistair, Morag, Ronald and Rachel and Adam Cargill.

Who wasn't there?: Marion and John were in warmer climes to celebrate Marion's 40th. Happy Birthday Marion! Elspeth wasn't well, and we wish her a quick recovery. The Keans had all just been together the previous weekend for Mary's 80th. Happy Birthday Mary!

The pictures

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High tea at Roslin (thanks to Mike for the photos)
Margaret, Frank and Alistair Morag and the girls Mike and Theo
Margaret, Frank and Alistair Morag Nich and the girls.Mike and Theo.
Rachel Nich The Cargill contingent Pete and Phil
Rachel NichThe Cargill contingentPete and Phil