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The event

3rd November 2007, Flotterstone, Pentlands

This trip to the Pentlands was blessed with much gentler weather than the year before. We were able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Glencorse, picnic on the open hillside enjoying the views, and climb Castlelaw without being blown away.

The Original Hotel, Roslin was as good for tea as last time, and that was very good.

Who was there?

From the Inglis: Alistair, Ronald with Harriet and the children joining us for tea.
From the Cargills: Marion, Rachel and Adam
From the Holdsworths: Philippa
From the Frogston Nicholsons: Peter, Morag, Veronica, Rachel
From the Dalkeith Nicholsons: Margaret and Frank joining us for tea.
That made 9 for walking and 16 for tea.

The pictures

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Glencorse reservoir and our picnic site overlooking the loch
The Pentland hills Glencorse and Midlothian beyond Our picnic site above Glencorse Alistair, Ronald, Marion, Rachel and Pete
The Pentland HillsGlencorse and Midlothian beyondOur picnic site above GlencorseAlistair, Ronald, Marion, Rachel and Pete
What's to eat, Dad? Rachel and Adam picnic in the sun I'm still hungry, Mum! Alistair and Ronald head off after the picnic
What's to eat, Dad?Rachel and Adam picnic in the sunI'm still hungry, Mum!Alistair and Ronald head off after the picnic
Tea at the Original, Roslin
Frank, Margaret and Alistair Harriet, Pete and Morag Philippa and Frank Morag, Adam, Marion
Frank, Margaret and AlistairHarriet, Pete and MoragPhilippa and FrankMorag, Adam, Marion
Harriet, Ronald and Rogan . . .
Harriet, Ronald and Rogan...